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Chupa Chups. Spain, 1958

Chupa Chups is much more than a famous brand with a fun name. It’s a brand that delights the senses: a magnet for consumers and a valuable resource for injecting surprise and excitement into adjacent and independent categories.

The people behind one of the world’s leading impulse-purchase brands know a thing or two about keeping a brand prominent and relevant. While the team at Perfetti van Melle continuously innovates its core lollipop product line with new flavours and formats, it also develops spin-off and ingredient co-branded products to grow Chupa Chups’ footprint at sales counters and within confectionery departments.

But besides the iconic dispensers it installs in countless vendor locations, Chupa Chups does surprisingly little to activate its vast children’s market. It rarely makes use of film and character licensing, and brand advertising is heavily targeted at young adults.

In sharp contrast to its relatively low-key advertising presence, PvM has an aggressive brand licensing and co-branding strategy that gives visibility to Chupa Chups, while generating more than €70 million in annual retail sales globally.

Around 60 licensing partnerships help keep the brand visible and front-of-mind, creating products that also provide touchstones to many of the facets that make up the Chupa Chups brand experience.

The logo, designed by Salvador Dalí, is a 3D feature that is simple to reinforce with fun objects like cushions, bottles and scooter helmets. The brand’s pop colour-scheme make it an obvious design ingredient for accessories and decor, while Chupa Chups’ famous flavours provide a solid premise for cosmetics, fragrances and other aromatic products.

Partner brands value Chupa Chups’ bubbly brand personality. Bright colours, big logos and extravagant packaging bring fun and happiness to capsule collections, or can be used to draw attention to retail events like the arrival of spring.

The brand’s pop-icon status and “Life Less Serious” message make Chupa Chups an attractive platform for fashion and lifestyle labels and retailers. Similar to Coca-Cola, Perrier and Kellogg’s, Chupa Chups relies on its retro character to infiltrate trends and support promotions with major lifestyle retailers throughout Europe and Asia.

To underline its vintage appeal, the brand has even gone to the extent of creating a cross-licensing programme in collaboration with the classic character, Betty Boop.


Chupa Chups is more than a famous brand. It delights the senses: a valuable source of surprise and excitement for other categories and brands.

“Chupa Chups – The Iconic Lollipop That Delights the Senses” is a post from Collaboration Generation: a series profiling companies who use brand innovation platforms to double down on specialness, and extend their reach and influence.


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