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Kvadrat. Denmark, 1968

Kvadrat is Europe’s leading maker of design textiles, with products characterised by simplicity, colour and innovation. Its reputation is defined by decades exploring the boundaries of aesthetics, technology and art.

As a manufacturer of high-end intermediary products, it is inevitable that brands of this genre come into contact with prestigious names from the worlds of architecture and design. But Kvadrat enjoys a reputation that supersedes its competitors in both size and substance: an outcome attributable to its R+D leadership as well as visionary brand management.

The Danish studio’s creative and technological abilities enable it to instigate remarkable projects – often proposing completely new applications for textiles, such as its stunning collaborations with Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

But what makes the brand formidable is the perception of its role as a driver – rather than a passenger – of successful collaborations. Whether the product is a hotel lobby or a phone case, Kvadrat content is consistently identifiable as a source of special value. More than a simple signifier of quality, its participation acts as a tacit assurance of superior design.

Kvadrat’s elevated status is a result of a commitment to creating original experiences and a determination to showcase them.

For its fabric collections, the company has assembled an impressive roster of collaborating designers to provide creative direction and help it realise ambitious conceptual projects. Interaction with leading figures from the worlds of architecture, art and fashion keep the brand at the cutting edge of trends and technology.

Meanwhile, the company initiates projects outside the boundaries of its traditional market, collaborating with lifestyle brands preferred by young, creative taste-makers. By participating in adjacent categories like electronics and urban fashion, Kvadrat gets to show off its full technical repertoire and underline its specialness as the only brand in its class to do so.

In this way, the brand succeeds in reaching out to a broader audience and shaping tastes in its favour. Demand for objects that are more tactile and better crafted is on the rise, and the team at Kvadrat is clever in recognising the points where B2B and B2C audiences overlap.


Leading R+D and visionary brand management make Kvadrat a strong brand. But its role as a driver of successful collaborations make it formidable.“Kvadradt’s Collaborations Extend its Influence and Shape Tastes” is a post from Collaboration Generation: a series profiling companies who use brand innovation platforms to double down on specialness, and extend their reach and influence.

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